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How Soursop Tea Leaves Can Benefit Your Health

Also popular as Graviola tea or pawpaw tea, soursop tea is obtained from the leaves of Annona muricata, commonly known as the soursop plant.Native to the tropical parts of the Americas, this plant’s fruit can weigh above five pounds, but to make the tea, only the leaves will be used.

Here are the most important ways soursop tea can enhance your health and total quality of life:Below are the most important ways soursop tea can improve your health and your life:The following are the most remarkable ways your life and health can improve with regular consumption of soursop tea:

Cancer Prevention

In the last decade, some important research and claims pertaining to soursop tea’s cancer prevention and treatment abilities were made. This is mostly because of the presence of acetogenins, a potent group of antibiotics contained in the plant.Results have so far been positive, particularly in connection with leukemia, and breast, lung and cervical cancers. These effects on mutated cells can differ, from curtailing their ability to produce energy to triggering their death through apoptosis.

Cardiac Health

The plant’s high potassium levels and active compounds enable its tea to reduce blood pressure considerably. For those with with hypertension, this is a perfect way to minimize strain on the heart, as well as the person’s risk of developing atherosclerosis or having a heart attack.

Better Digestion

Vitamins and minerals along with anti-inflammatory elements in soursop plant can improve digestive functions and prevent constipation, indigestion, diarrhea and other related conditions. The plant’s calcium content also improves the body’s iron uptake, while its antimicrobial effects help promote a healthy microflora environment in the gut. Excessive consumption of the tea, however, can bring more digestive problems, so it’s important to drink the beverage reasonably.

Improves Blood Circulation

Because of soursop tea’s high iron levels, the circulatory system is stimulated, hence improving its flow, as the person also enjoys a boost in energy. Iron is a main component of red blood cells, which transport energy to the various body organs, systems and tissues, fast-tracking repair and enhancing metabolism.

Weight Control

This specifically powerful tea has plenty of B vitamins, many of which play a part in improving metabolism. This can cause more passive fat-burning and give the body more energy.

Immunity Boost

The vitamin C abundant in soursop tea can boost the production of white blood cells and function as an antioxidant that hutns down out free radicals and brings down the potential for oxidative stress in the body.

Skin Health Finally, soursop tea also has so many astringent properties that can tauten skin pores and the skin overall. Not only does this mitigate the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but it also keeps acne and other related skin conditions at bay. Additionally, the antimicrobial abilities of the acetogenins in soursop tea help stop pathogens and infections from harming the skin.

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