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Choosing Between Grass-Fed or Grain-Fed Beef

Today, people are debating on whether grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed beef. There is a lot of emotionally charged debate going on in certain places. Upon careful analysis, you will find a few claims and misinformation in both sides. Below are some of the issues involved

To better understand the issues, definitions are necessary. When we speak of grass-fed beef, what we mean is beef that is entirely fed on grass throughout the life of the animal. But grain fed beef does not mean that is was just fed grains throughout its life. For most of its life, it has been fed grass but just prior to slaughter, the cattle was fed with grain. A lot of nutritionists say that adding grain to their diet compromises on the nutritional value of the beef.

To find out which is better, let us look at three things including the market price, the taste, and the nutritional value of the two kinds of beef.

There is a high demand today for grass-fed beef so there is an increase in its market supply. The price of grass-fed beef is surprisingly higher than grain-fed beef. This has a simple explanation. The lower price of grain-fed beef is due to its low cost per pound since grain-fed beef are fat and bulky compared to grass-fed ones. This is why it has lower costs in the store.

There is a noticeable difference with how grass fed beef looks compared to grain fed beef. There is a darker color to grass-fed beef and this is due to the fact that it won’t have fat-marbling that you will see in high grade grain-fed meat. Fat is added to cattle at a faster rate before slaughter when it is fed grains. The beef will then have a much richer taste.

Proponents of grass-fed beef will make their case with its nutritional value. Lower calories, more vitamins A and E, and higher levels of antioxidants are contained in grass-fed beef. This type of beef also contains healthy omega 3 fats. But the omega 3 fat content in grass-fed beef is very small compared to salmon.

It is worthy to note that grass-fed beef in low in calories. You save on calories by eating this kind of beef. You only gain a few pounds with it. If you are trying to control or lose weight, then it is wise to eat this type than the tasty, fatty, grain fed beef.

And so, the debate continues. And there is still the antibiotic issues to deal with and more. You will be offered choices because each side has its own arguments. It will be up to the individual to determine what is best for them. So, whether you are after weight loss or you are after eating a delicious marbleized steak, the choice is yours.

What I Can Teach You About Sales

What I Can Teach You About Sales